I am the CTO for CB Infrastructure, an organisation that specialises in financial institutional based software and services.

My career in IT started when I graduated from my Computer Science degree back in 98. In my early days I worked as a software developer, specialising in ECM (though wasn’t called that back then) applications and solutions. I quickly moved on to more senior roles, ranging from developer to technical architect and business consultant through to Enterprise Technical Architect and in the past 5 years numerous CTO roles. I have been lucky enough to work on many large and small scale projects with many blue chip organisations from varied business sectors, such as banking, investments, insurance, telecommunications and government.

In 2004 I started my own IT consultancy, One Degree Consulting, which provided consultancy services to a number of SMEs and also software development services. One Degree spawned two other businesses, workFile ECM, an Enterprise wide Content Management repository solution, and Online Existence, a web/social focussed business.

Since 2012, my focus as been within the FinTech industry, working with banks, credit institutions, payment and card schemes as a CTO.

On a more personal level, I am an avid cricket fan and not only enjoy watching Essex and England play, but I also enjoy playing and representing Billericay Cricket Club. I also still very much enjoy Basketball, but unfortunately I no longer play the game. I also enjoy F1, tennis, golf and numerous other sports, as well as keeping fit and enjoying life with my family.

6 responses

29 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

26 03 2010

One great site on IT/BPM/ECM. Congrats Andrew.
Very good job 🙂 !

28 06 2011
Ian Gotts

Great blog. But want to follow you on twitter….. but no easy link 8-(

28 06 2011
Andrew Smith @onedegree


4 07 2011
Stephanie Quick

Site looks good…you have a link to you BPM Workfile solution?

4 07 2011
Andrew Smith @onedegree

I am no longer working for a workflow company…

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