My CloudZync move

5 07 2012

Things have been changing in the technology world at rapid rate of knots in the past 3 years, and in that time, I have personally found myself getting involved in a number of emerging technologies and seeing my role within different companies change. Well those of you who perhaps are connected with me on linkedIn ( may have noticed that I am now working with a new company, CloudZync.

Emerging technologies, new concepts and ideas are what I love to get involved with and over the past 12 months, I have been lucky enough to be working on some exciting developments that have led to the creation of the CloudZync company.



I’m not going to spend much time going into too much detail here, only to say that CloudZync will be offering in the coming months, a cloud platform unlike any other, delivering a truly global mobile commerce platform, that yes, does incorporate a complete Digital Wallet experience on consumers smart phones and yes, you can complete true mobile payments with the app and platform.


CloudZync: Delivering a new cloud commerce platform

This line of business is somewhat different to anything else I have been involved in. No longer will I be focused on ECM, BPM, Adaptive technologies, consultancy etc. rather my sole focus will be on building and expanding a commerce platform delivering a single business and financial service to CloudZync users.

Cloud and Mobile

The move to CloudZync may not be too big a surprise if you have been following my tweets. Increasingly I have found myself drawn and interested in both Mobile and Cloud technology and looking at the potential these two combined could deliver. Looking towards the future, I can see some very exciting developments with the use of Cloud and Mobile technologies, and as ever, I find myself wanting to be more involved in these areas. For me, Cloud and Mobile are at the leading edge of technology developments and business service forward thinking.


 I haven’t forgotten my roots though, and good ECM, BPM and adaptive concepts will no doubt influence my thought processes in my new role. With that in mind, I strongly believe that the cloud and mobile will have massive roles to play in the ECM and BPM fields, especially as companies get to grips with social and mobile more in the coming years.

Keep following…

If you follow my blog because of the ECM / BPM elements, then please keep following. I will be keeping my eye still on these areas and no doubt will find myself commentating on new developments as and when they happen. Likewise if you follow me on Twitter. I won’t be talking as much about ECM / BPM, but I will be following conversations and joining in with them when I feel I have something I want to shout about…

Interesting times…

I’m really excited about CloudZync and what it can potentially achieve. I really do believe that this is the most exciting time to be working in the technology arena with new technologies, new thinking and greater competition.




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