An interview with Peter of eBizQ

15 12 2010

Well I have given a quick interview to Peter Schooff of eBizQ, talking about a more holistic approach to BPM…To be honest, it seems like such a small conversation topic, but it is one that can have real massive impacts on vendors and on businesses, if anything its the biggest thing in BPM?

For those of you who have followed my blog in recent months, you would know that I have been going on about a more holistic approach to business solutions for some time, especially when it comes to ECM, BPM and CRM. These three silos are already a natural fit, and in many cases often come with the business need to integrate with each other…But do they really integrate as well as we need them too? Ideally, business wants a single system that delivers all three, that’s easier to administer, easier to maintain, cheaper and above all, empowers users much much more…

Needless to say, I stumbled around some of my words in the interview, but I hope I get some of the key points across. I will admit that I don’t think I gave that greater solution to the challenges that this can bring, but I do feel that the challenges for a more holistic approach are easier than the challenges an organisation faces to implement a single silo in the first place. If anything, the challenge is justifying moving away from individual silos due to the amount of money that has been invested in them over the years….

In the New Year, I will go into more detail behind my own initiative to break down barriers between silos and why I think this is needed now more than ever. I will also look at how a more holistic approach will deliver better penetration across enterprises for BPM and how organisations can benefit from this…

For the moment, I will leave it there as the Christmas period can be quite a hectic one. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I look forward to talking with you more in 2011…



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15 12 2010
Letitia Hughes

Wow, well done on the interview. Looking forward to watching it when it goes live. Could you give the link out…

And I wait with bated breath on the more holistic approach to ECM and CRM!

Merry Christmas!

18 12 2010
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19 12 2010
Michael Zobel

From a logic point of view it would make sense to get rid of all these silos instead of putting just more add-ons on top of them when vendors’ promises sound so intriguing. But unfortunately human actions are rarely governed by logic and money isn’t the only barrier to see that old artificial silo walls finally crumble. Best of luck in the New Year, though!

5 01 2011
Andrew Smith @onedegree

The podcast has gone live…I think I got across many of the points I wanted to ….

11 01 2011
Michael Zobel

Andrew, it makes a good read, congratulations. And as you point out, the holistic approach should also govern those other areas of artificially fragmented applications, which exist now as silos for the sake of other parties than the business itself.

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