The Lab hits 3 months…

3 11 2009

The more regular readers of my blog posts will note that my little puppy isgetting a little older, well he just turned 3 months. I have to admit that he is becoming quite the handful; he loves to chew on anything and everything, including candles and the cat’s toys. Only yesterday I noted the remains of a cat’s toy being passed out of him in the back garden….lovely….

He will be off to puppy training hopefully this week. I am really hopeful that if he only learns one thing, that it is the meaning of the word NO! If he can grasp what this means, then I think we will be on track…

I am being a little harsh, as he has “sit”, “paw” and “other paw” mastered. He also knows to sit on the floor mat every time he comes into the house after his walk. Oh, and I must not forget that the little fella knows to cry and make some noise when he is in need of some toilet relief, ensuring he does this outside…..

All in all, things are going well….So far….I will keep you up dated.



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