A little puppy dog…

8 09 2009

Ok this isn’t really related to my normal posts, which are usually work(ish) related. So today, I thought I would share with everyone that a new edition joined the household this weekend. His name is Diesel and he is only 5 weeks. I know, only 5 weeks, didn’t expect him to be here until he was at least 8 weeks, but the vet said was all ok so here he is…

He is a little black lab and is a ball of energy, fun and some destructive power, well for about an hour then he needs another hour + sleep…Which is fine with me, as I am still nursing a horrid feeling body after my Stag weekend….

So far, nothing out of the ordinary to report. The cats don’t seem to like him (we have two cats aged 3), but they haven’t run off or anything as yet. So that’s a good thing. He is, sort of, managing to do his business on the allotted news paper so another positive….I spent a little time online last night reading up on house training your little puppy, and his dedicated room is now full of his toys, his bed and most important of all, 5 tabloid news papers spread out everywhere…

He has however managed to find his little voice, think he found it this morning at around 6:30, treating us to a great rendition of a howling puppy, which this morning was a novelty but if it’s happening every day, one that will ware off very quickly.

Anyway, I must now return to the real working world and get a move on with a desk full of work…I will keep you all posted from time to time on the domestic dog situation as things progress…



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