Windows OS vs Google Chrome OS

10 07 2009

I find myself laughing at the fact I have actually given this post this title and that I am actually going to spend time writing about this. However, as with anything Google does, it is so over hyped and constantly in the online media that I fear I have to post something on this.

First off, for those of you who didn’t know, Google have decided to launch their own computer operating system, which apparently isn’t only going to be aimed at Netbooks but as a contender to Microsoft Windows.

So what is Chrome OS

Well, please don’t think Google have spent lots of time writing their own operating system, as simply, they haven’t. Again, using open source software (which means anyone can gain access to the core code), Google has taken the Linux operating system, added some nice web features and then “badged” it as its own operating system. Please note there are lots of flavours of Linux already, none of which pose any real threat to the Windows OS nor market….

What’s the hype

Simple, it has Google’s name on it, and to be honest, many people who blog, or spend their time a lot on the internet rate Google in pretty much everything they do (though this doesn’t mean everything they do is a success, nor that it’s any good). To be honest, the name and company can be the only source of the hype; I can’t see any other reason. If this was delivered under a different name (not Google) I dont think many of us would have ever even heard of Chrome OS

Will Chrome OS have an impact

I am guessing it will have some kind of impact, but nothing worth talking about. I am sure we will see some netbooks with this installed, however, I don’t see the masses flocking to purchase anything with Chrome OS on it. At the end of the day, people don’t want to have to waste their time learning features of a new OS. This is one of the reasons why many haven’t taken to Windows Vista.

I think its impact will be mainly with online bloggers etc who will talk a lot about how great it is, and how we should all switch to it. But simply, it won’t be as flexible nor as easy to configure and use for home users and businesses alike. This means it won’t challenge Windows at all, and this is before Windows 7 is released in the EU.

I also can’t see people who use Apple hardware switching to anything running the Chrome OS, why would they?

Some of you may be asking why will Chrome be harder to use, configure etc. Well it’s because it is built on Linux. Linux people have been trying for almost 20 years to get something together that the general public and businesses would feel comfortable using….And they havent really….. 

Remember also that the OS has to drive so many different versions of the same piece of kit. Potentially each PC is made differently, requires different drivers etc etc. The same applies to your peripherals such as your printers, internet modems / routers, scanners etc. Windows has been built over a large period of time with all the manufacturers providing Windows drivers. The same can’t be said of any flavour of Linux. This means no doubt you will want to install your printer, only to find you can’t get a driver for that printer with your Chrome OS. Great, so you basically get rid of Chrome OS or buy a new printer…terrific for the end user….Remember also that these same basic issues will be seen within Businesses, and time is money, so this really isn’t a good feature.

Some of you geeks will also say “Hey, but Apple OS doesn’t have these problems, and that’s a close relative of Linux”. And you have a point, however, Apple machines are all the same, and they only allow you to install certain “apple” approved peripherals etc. So where is the freedom and flexibility in that? Plus think of the companies that actually provide new software and hardware. It is such a waste of resource for them to ensure they support all these different flavours of basically the same OS. So they always produce software and drivers that works on Windows and think about others later, as they should, its common business sense….

Windows 7

Well I have seen this and used it and it looks great. For me this is the bench mark of any operating system. For the business users and home users alike, Windows 7 really will be the OS of choice. It has numerous new features, including touch screen support; better media file management and improved security and reliability. It is ofcourse windows, so people know it will work, they can keep their same printers etc and enjoy plug-n-play installations of hardware.

No matter what Microsoft or Windows haters say, there is simply no better or simpler operating system for PC users to use.


Competition is good though

Yes it is. But let’s be honest, this isn’t competition. There are good reasons why Microsoft holds a 95% market share, and it’s because their operating system is easier to use and configure than anything else. That’s why we now have a PC in every home. (Well maybe not every home..). Also, it is “their” operating system, it isn’t open source. This means they maintain it, issue patches, support users and businesses.

I am all for competition, but let’s see Google compete on the merits of its software rather than its hype and name. At the moment I don’t see anything from Google that competes well outside of its core search engine business.



Google Chrome OS is just another flavour of Linux and basically, is all Google name hype. Choose Windows 7 every time over any other OS for your machine no matter what anyone tries to tell you. If you are on a Mac, hmmm, well give Windows 7 a look, I think you will be suitably impressed….



4 responses

10 07 2009

i heard that windows 7 is more light than other windows version, even for elder spesification of your PC. What do you think?

10 07 2009
Andrew Smith @onedegree

If you mean “light” as can install it on older machines, im not sure. Think any OS performance is always going to be governed by the performance of the machine at the end of the day. Does make me laugh when people compare a £1k+ Apple Mac machine against a PC they picked up at PC world for £400…Ofcourse the hardware isnt going to perform as quickly etc as the Mac….

Comparisons in all things need to be done of exactly the same machines with the same hardware…..

Windows 7 is nice and easy to use though…I am impressed….

17 07 2009

Windows 7 is lighter than Vista for definate. I’ve heard reports of people running it smoothly on sub 1gb RAM machines. I’ve also read about some people running it well with 1ghz and lower processors, including dedicated mobile processors.

13 07 2009
Chris Duffy

If Google Chrome OS is as succesful as Android I think you will be proved right.
I have no opinion on the qulaity of Google software but if what you say is correct it seems like a waste of time releasing an OS that not many people will use. I wonder what we would get if Google did put some effort in and built an OS from the ground up, no open source just a real rival to Windows? I think they might get lost along the way…

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